December 26, 2010

Video game accessories and consoles which will help you lose weight in the New Year!

The Nintendo Wii is a great fairly priced game console which will let you use its motion controller to play games like Wii-bowling, Wii-Tennis, and other Wii exercise games with your hands. It also has a lot of exclusive titles like Super Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong for you to play after you are done exercising.

The Xbox 360 Kinect lets you use your whole body to play video games while you use your entire body as a controller. It uses a camera and body tracking technology to track your body movements during gameplay.

The Playastation Move track your hand movement with a wand with a glowing ball on it, and the Eyetoy webcam, so you are moving your hand for games.

All three motion controllers will help you exercise, and possibly lose weight if you stick to gaming for a few hours with these devices. Plus, all three consoles have a great selection of regular games for you to relax with when you are not exercising with your motion controllers.

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