December 7, 2010

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Video MP3 Player - A great all in one portable player

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB Video MP3 Player is a great MP3 player for most people because it has a 24 hour battery life, lots of space for hundreds to a thousand songs depending on quality.

You can watch video clips and photos on the 1.5 inch color screen. If you are bored of your MP3s, you can always listen to FM radio with 40 station preset stations.

The Sansa Fuze also has a built-in Microphone for recording your voice.

If you find 4GB of space is not enough, you can add more storage by using a microSD to put in the MP3 players slot to expand the storage space.

Song and audio files which the Sansa Fuze can play back include MP3, WMA (unprotected and protected), WAV, Audible, and Overdrive. The Fuze can play MP4 video, and view JPEG pictures.

You can charge the Sansa Fuze with a USB connector, so you do not have to buy expensive batteries, and look for a charger to plug into the wall.

This Player works with Windows XP or Vista; Linux or Mac OS (under MSC mode); Windows Media Player 10 or 11; USB 2.0 computers.

I like how sleek and simple the Sandisk Sanza fuze 4GB MP3 Video Player

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