January 12, 2012

Accessories for Kobo Vox color eReader Tablet to make it more unique!

Accessories made for the Kobo Vox let you customize your Kobo Vox eReader to make it look different from other similar eReaders while adding some more or improve functionality of your eReader device, and make it look different from other Voxs.

Adding a MicroSD memory card to your Kobo Vox microSD slot can give your Vox up to 32GB of additional storage depending on the storage size of the card. This means you can have 40GBs of storage for your Vox since the Vox already comes with 8GBs preinstalled, so adding a 32GB card will raise the storage space to 40GB (8GB internal + 32GB MicroSD Card). This means you can download and install more apps, ebooks, video, games, and other types of files to your ereader, and you can copy files from your PC, Smartphone, to your MicroSD card, and insert it in your Vox.

You'll need a USB MicroSD card reader if your computer does not have a MicroSD card reader which most computer do not have to read and save  files to a MicroSD card.

A stylish Kiwi case for the Kobo Vox to protect your Vox from scratches, and dirt, and it also has pockets for carrying money, cards, and a stylus or pen. It also has a Magnetic/Snap Closure System, so it is easy to quickly close, and open the case. It is also easy to install the Vox into the straps by simply sliding it in.

A case can also make your Vox feel more like a book when holding it, and make it look more classy, or like a Personal Digital Assistant/Organizer.

If you have long finger nails, using a 7 inch screen protector made for the Vox will protect your Kobo Vox's screen from scratches from finger nails, and sharp objects

Using a "capacitive" stylus which is a pointing device for your Vox eReader can make playing some games like Fruit Ninja, and Angry birds more responsive, and fun. Resistive Stylus found on older PDAs, and cell phones won't work on the Vox, you need a Capacitive Stylus.  A Stylus also helps reduce scratches, and fingerprints on your screen because the Stylus has no sharp or hard edges. A stylus will also make clicking on links on websites, and drawing on paint programs more easier since it has a smaller tip then your finger, so it can improve your accuracy when typing on the touchscreen, drawing, and clicking on small links, and buttons.

Many eReaders with built-in speakers usually have speakers which are not very loud, so using a pair of headphones, or rechargeable battery powered portable speakers will improve the sound quality for your eReader Tablet when plugged into a 3.5 mm headphone audio jack. eReaders and Tablets typically use 3.5mm headphone jacks which are the same jacks which are use on other portable music players like CD players, and MP3 players.

If you want to change the whole look of the Vox, you can also buy protective decals/skins with custom designs for the VOX eReader Tablet. This will also protect the bezel, and back of the Vox from scratches as well while making your Vox look unique from everyother vox owners, so you would not take your friends normal looking Vox home by mistake.

A clean soft microfibre clothe is also great for cleaning fingerprints off your Vox without scratching it since Microfibre is very soft which should not scratch your Vox. It also absorbs up fingerprint oils very well without the need for cleaning solutions in many cases since microfibre clothe is so absorbent.

For more harder to clean stains on the Vox's screen, you can use a Screen Cleaning kit with clothe and Screen cleaning solution which won't damage the surface of the touch screen like other types of cleaning solutions like Ammonia or Alcohol.

I notice the Kobo Vox's charger cable is kind of short, so buying a power surge bar with a longer cable can make charging the Vox more convenient if there are no power plugs near you. Plus, a Surge protected will protect your Vox from power surges which damages sensitive electronics like eReader while charging.

The Vox USB Cable is also kind of short for desktop computers which have USB ports on the back of the computer, or in hard to reach locations. A Powered USB Hub with a 40 inch USB cord can make it easier for you to plug in the Vox to your computer to transfer files to and from your Vox by plugging the Vox's bundled USB cable into the USB Hub's USB ports.

What accessories do you use to decorate your eReader or Tablet, or to add extra functionality?

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