January 20, 2012

Favorite Games + Apps For Kobo Vox Color eReader Tablet

The Kobo Vox color ereader is compatible with a lot of Google Android apps since it uses the most popular version of Google Android which is Google Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. The Kobo Vox has a 800 MHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, and 8GB of storage which is fast enough for installing and playing most games and apps made for Google Android.

Google Android has one of the largest App and game libraries for mobile devices like smartphones, Tablets and eReaders.

This means if the App or game works on your Google Android phone, it would work on the Kobo Vox eReader in most cases.

My favorite games for the Kobo Vox are Angry Birds series, Fruit Ninja, Gravity Guy, and Cut The Rope which are all available from the GetJar marketplace for free which comes bundle with the Kobo Vox.

Angry Birds is a game where you use a sling shot to hit green pigs which are behind a wall, or rocks. There are currently three games in the Angry Birds Series: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Season.

Fruit Ninja is a fun game where you swipe the screen to cut flying fruit while avoiding bombs, and cut as much fruit as possible on the screen.

Gravity guy is a side scrolling game where you tap on the screen, so Gravity guy can walk on the ceiling, or floor to avoid objects while running away from a white soldier with a gun.

Cut The Rope is a fun game where you have to cut the rope in the level, so the candy attach to the bottom drops into a monster mouth.

I also found Tetris, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Air Hockey, Krazy Kart Racing, and pinball which are very fun games I downloaded at Get Jar app store for Kobo Vox.

The Kobo Vox comes bundled with a eBook Reader, rdio, Press reader, Globe2Go, video player, music player, dictionary, e-mail, dictionary, picture gallery, and many other apps which work pretty well.

My favourite 3rd-party Apps for the Kobo Vox is Dolphin HD Mobile Web browser, and Opera Mini Web browser for Android.

Dolphin web browser is a fast easy to use web browser which is kind of like Google Chrome user interface, and has gesture shortcuts for better web surfing on a mobile device. Dolphin also features a back and forward on screen button which can make browsing the web easier for newbies to Tablets.

The Opera Mini Web browser is great for viewing picture rich websites since you can set the picture file quality to low to save bandwidth and battery power when Opera is loading pictures on a website. It is also a fast and easy to use web browser like Dolphin HD Web browser.

File Expert is an App for managing, and looking for files which you loaded to your Vox.

The SlideIT keyboard app for Andriod is pretty good since it lets you adjust the size, style, and behaviour of your keyboard easily, and the auto-suggestion is pretty good for SlideIT.

I heard SwiftKeys is also a pretty good third party keyboard for Android. It has auto-prediction and word correction as well. Swift keys also features customization like SlideIT.

You can sideload other apps which you downloaded with your Google Android cell phone with the Google Android Marketplace by using a MicroSD memory card to transfer the APK files from your phone to the Vox from your phone or the internet from websites.

If you live in the US, you can download the Amazon App store to download even more apps from Amazon Android app store. However, the Amazon App store does not work for users who live outside of the US.

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mike reynolds said...

Angry Birds is the best game ever