January 21, 2012

Protect Kobo Vox Screen and Case with Screen Protector and Case!

You want your Kobo Vox to work and look new for many years to come. The best way to protect your Kobo Vox from damage is to use a Screen Protector, Case, and Bag for your Kobo Vox to protect it from scratches, drops, and dents which damages your Vox, and break it if the drop is high.

Getting a screen protector for the Kobo Vox would protect your Kobo Vox's 7 inch screen from unwanted scratches on the screen. A screen protector is a piece of clear plastic which you stick over your eReader Tablets screen, so fingernails, stylus, pens, and sharp objects don't scratch the screen since the thin piece of clear plastic shields your screen from sharp objects. The piece of clear plastic which comes with the Vox is only a temporary screen protector because it is not very sticky, so it falls off easily, and is not made with the best type of thin plastic for screen protectors without reducing performance when applied to your Vox's screen.

You can also buy a binder foldable case for the Vox to give it an extra level of Protection from scratches by using a case to protect the Vox's top, bottom, and sides from scratches and dents. Plus, it would make your Vox look more Stylish, and feel more like a personal organiser or book.

There are also decal decorative vinyl skin which you can stick on the Vox to protect the bottom and bezel of the Vox's cases from light scratches while customizing the look and feel of your Kobo Vox's eReader Tablet. Your Vox also will have a cool look to it which makes it look more unique from other Vox's.

Using a Netbook or laptop bag to carry your eReader Tablet around town, and protect it from dents, drops, water, dirt and dust by using a padded laptop bag to carry your Vox around town.

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