January 17, 2012

Gaming on Kobo Vox color eReader Tablet, Good Gameplay eReader


The Kobo Vox color ereader is a good casual gaming eReader for playing games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, Tetris, Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, Chess, Solitaire, Scrabble, Brick Breaker, Side scrolling games, Casual games, and non- High Definition/Quality 3D games. But, the Kobo Vox also work with some lower quality 3D games like Fruit Ninja, but not HD 3D games like Final Fantasy 11 which you can play on the Xbox, and Playstation.

Game loading times are pretty fast for most 2D and lower quality games, but Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja takes slightly longer to load.

Gaming on the Vox is almost like gaming on a medium priced Google Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 Smart Cell Phone.

f the game is a cartoon like game, or the game looks like a typical web browser game you play with non-HD graphics, the Kobo Vox can probably play it okay, but the loading times might be slightly lower since it only has a 800MHz Single Core CPU, and 512MB of RAM.

It is best to use the GetJar marketplace to download your games for Free for the Vox, and GetJar is the default marketplace for the Vox, so most games should work for the Vox. You can also try the Amazon App Store for paid and free Apps if you live in the US, or has a US Amazon Account. But, you need to download The Amazon App to use the Amazon Marketplace.

All the games and Apps on Getjar are Free, but some are trials, and most are ad-supported.

You can also use a MicroSD card to sideload APK installer files for Google Android Games which you downloaded on your smartphone, or other Tablets which has access to the Google Android Marketplace which the Vox does not have access to because it uses Getjar. You can also ask your friends to upload APK files to the internet for you to download onto your Vox, or ask them to use Gmail, Yahoo mail, and other e-mail providers to send you game APK installer files via file attachments on E-mails. Most APK files for games are only a few MBs in size except for some 3D games APK files.

Most Google Android Games which are compatible in Google Android Gingerbread should work on the Kobo Vox since it'a operating system is GA Gingerbread.

 The 8GB of Internal Memory is enough to install a lot of gaming Apps. I installed over 20 game apps, and I am not even using 1GB of the 8GB of free space. Once you installed the Games, you can safely delete the APK installer files like Windows .exe installer files which are safe to delete once you installed a program in Windows.

The Touch Screen on the Kobo Vox is responsive enough to play Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, and Tetris since it is a capacitive touch screen which is better then cheaper resistive touch screen where you need a stylus to press hard on the screen. I also like that the resolution of the screen is 1020 x 600, so games look very sharp, and non-jaggy. The color is also very bright. The Kobo Vox also has built in tilt sensors which you can use to play some racing games where you tilt the device left and right to steer.

For some games which require more accuracy like shooting games, a  Capacitive Stylus might help you improve your game play.

The Sound on the Vox when playing games is loud enough to hear the sound effects and background music in a moderately load room, but using headphones, or 3.5mm external speakers would make your game louder.

Holding the Kobo Vox with one hand while playing games like Angry Birds is pretty easy since the Vox weighs very little in my Hand. The quilted rubber back of the Vox makes it even more easier to carry it with one hand.

Battery life when using the Kobo Vox for gaming and occasionally turning on WI-FI to download games  is about  3-4+ hours when the brightness is turned down on the screen, and Wi-Fi is disabled most of the time. You can also remove un-needed Widgets from the desktop/home screens like the Search Box, Clock, Rdio, and other Widgets  and icons which you do not need by dragging them to the trash can to disable them. Turning off Wi-Fi on the Kobo vox, and disabling Kobo Update, Globe and Mail, Android Update, and other un-needed apps in the running apps section of Android Apps settings menu can also make your Vox use less power, and run a little faster when gaming. Occasionally, you should turn on Wi-Fi and reboot (shutdown and turn-on) your Vox to check for updates which could improve performance. The Kobo Vox is auto-updating, so you do not have to manually check for updates when connected to the internet.

The Kobo Vox is probably the best eReader tablet which you can get in Canada and other non-US countries for under 199.99 if you do not live in the US where you can easily buy the Amazon Kindle Fire, or Barnes and Noble Nook Color which can't be bought in Canada easily unless you know someone who lives in the US to buy one or send one to you as a gift.

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