September 23, 2012

News Reader Apps make it easier to read news blogs websites on Google Android Smartphones Tablets

Reading websites on a Smartphone and smaller Tablet in portrait or even land scape mode can be uncomfortable because the font is too small, there are too many images, and your web browser is slow. You can subscribe to mobile newspapers and magazines, or buy them from an online store, but they can be kind of expensive, and limit you to one or a few devices like Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, compared to reading on a Newsreader app like Google Reader which is free, and allows you to read on any device which have is compatible with the Google Reader App, or any computer with an online internet connection, and a web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Google Android has a lot of free News RSS reading apps like Google Reader, Pulse, Feedly, and Flipbook which can be used to grab the articles from your favorite websites like Mashable, The Huffington Post, etc, and convert them to a readable article which has bigger font, and fewer un-needed images like the website header images, banners, etc, so it is fast.

Feedly is my favorite news reader apps because it is free, fast, and if you use Google Reader, you can sign into Google Reader, so you don't have to re-add your websites. I also like that it shows a thumbnail image of the story, so you can see what the story about instead of just reading a bunch of links with no images like Google Reader. I can also save stories to read later, and mark as read.

Feedly also rarely crashes, and seems to load a lot faster then other similar apps like Flipboard, Google Currents and Pulse  on my Kobo Vox Tablet with Google Gingerbread.

The user interface on Feedly is very simple compared to Flipboard, and Pulse News Reader Apps which both have more modern feels.

I also recommend Google Reader which you can download at the Google Play App Store because it loads fast, and is stable, but it is kind of boring because it is just white, and have no images on the stories listing. You can easily add new blogs and websites, and mark stories as read, or star them to read latter. Google Reader also have offline reading support which a lot of news readers do not have, so you can read articles from your favorite blogs and websites even without an internet connection.

Using a news reader app can also save you bandwidth/data because you do not have to visit a website, and download cookies, banners, the website template's HTML, images & CSS files javascript files with a newsreader apps. I also notice news reader apps tend to be faster then web browsers at loading articles since there is less to load, so you can also save time and battery life when using reader apps.

You can also save money if you use a Dataplan for your tablet or Smartphone to go online since you less data, so you would be less likely to go over your Data limit, or you can subscribe to a cheaper data plan since you are no longer using as much data since you are downloading fewer images, and other files found on a typical desktop and mobile website.

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