September 20, 2012

Turning off the power to chargers and devices with no OFF button

There are a lot of devices with no physical off button like Laptop, Cell phones, and Tablet chargers, routers, modems, hubs, switches, and the only way to turn them physically off is unplugging them from the wall's power outlet.

A lot of the time even when your devices like laptop, cell phones, and tablets are fully charged, the charger is still supply power to your devices to turn on a light to show it is fully charge, or keep the screen on to display a message that it is charge. There are some chargers which never turn off even when you unplug your cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc and is still using a small amount of power for no reason.

There are simple ways to turn it off without unplugging your power from the wall.

You can buy a surge protector with a timer like Titan Controls Apollo 14 - 8 Outlet Power Strip with Timer to automatically turn on and off your power outlets on the surge protector at specific times of the day which you set it to, so if it takes about 5 hours to charge all your devices, you can set the timer to turn off after 5 hours. A power bar with a timer is also good for plugging in your Cable or DSL modem, Hub, Switch, Router, Speakers, printer, stereo, and other electronics which you want to turn off when you go to work, sleep, school, and other times when you won't be using them to save electricity. Scheduling your electronics to not have power at specific times will save you power, and you also restart your electronics like routers, modems, and hubs which can make Wi-Fi wireless internet disconnection problems less common because Wi-Fi problems can be fixed with a simple restart.

You can also just use a standard surge protected power bar like Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector if you just want to turn off your electronics power manually by switching off the power on the power bar by manually hitting the power button on it instead of setting a timer to when you want your power on, and off.

If you just need to turn off one outlet's power there is the Belkin Conserve Power Switch which is a power adapter for your home power plug which adds an On/Off switch to it. The ON/Off switch is useful for turning on and off your router to restart it when you can't connect to your home's wireless internet because it got disconnected.

Belkin Conserve Socket with Energy Saving Outlet Surge protector can automatically turn off the power to your accessories/peripherals like monitor, speakers, printer, scanner, USB hubs, power adapters when your computer is shut down or hibernated, and when you turn your power back on for your computer, it will turn on your power for the other plugs which your accessories and peripherals are plugged into.

By turning off your electronics by cutting off power to the plug, you'll save money on your power bill because you would be using less power, you may prevent problems like disconnected Wi-Fi wireless internet because you would restarting your router more, and your electronics will be safe from power surges since they would be off, and protected from power surges when on since most timer power bars also have a surge protector built-in to it.

Your chargers, and power adapters also last longer since they won't be ON as much, and will be protected from power spikes/surges if you pick a power bar with surge protection built-in to it.

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