September 22, 2012

Using Brightness Apps in Google Android to save power/dim the screen.

Changing the Brightness in Google Android is not hard, but it can be somewhat inconvenient because you have to go into settings>Screen>brightness then slide your finger to change your brightness in older versions of Google Android like Gingerbread, Jellybean, etc/

 But, with a 3rd party Screen brightness App or Widget like Low Light, you can easily adjust the brightness of Android with a Tap, and a slide of a finger on your Brightness setting scroll bar.

Some Brightness Apps, can also make your screen more dim then the lowest setting in Android, so you can save a little bit of battery life, and make the screen less bright in low light conditions which can also make reading at night less bright on your eyes.

You can also easy make the screen more bright by pressing a button on the brightness app. Some Brightness apps and widgets also let you save pre-set brightnesses or auto brightnesses to make reading easier depending on light levels.

I like using a Brightness App/Widget on my Kobo Vox eReader Tablet which runs on Google Android Gingerbread since it makes it more convenient for me to change the brightness of the screen by tapping on an app or widget on my home screen to change the brightness of the screen depending on the light condition in my room.

If it is bright, I usually turn the brightness up to reduce the reflectiions of the screen, but if the light is dim in my room, I usually turn down the brightness to make it easier to read because the brightness of the screen is not glowing in front of my eyes, and to save battery life, so I can read or surf the web for a few extra minutes or hours.

Be careful not to set your brightness too low where you can't see the screen anymore if you do, you can restart your tablet or phone by pressing on the power button until it shutdown, and press the power button again to turn on your device, and hopefully, the brightness returns to normal.

Otherwise, you need to reset your phone and tablet by pressing the power and volume up button or other button combination at the same time during power on which will reinstall Google Android, and delete all your apps, and settings.

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