September 19, 2012

Protecting your laptop, smartphone, and Tablet chargers on the go with a portable surge protector

When you are using a power outlet which does not have a surge protector on it, your laptop, tablet, and smartphone power charger adapter, and the device will be damage by a power surge if a power surge strikes. Lightning, and a spike in voltage/electricity are examples of power surges which can damage your electronics and its parts like charger, CPU, RAM, resisters, etc.

A lot of times, when you use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet charger in public like in class, an airport, or your friends power outlet, the power outlet will not be protected from power surges because it does not have a surge protector protecting the power outlet from surges.

A surge protector is a plug, or power bar which you plug in between your power outlet, and your electronics to protect your electronics and PC from power surges.

There are portable surge protectors like Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger which will protect you from power surges when you plug them into the wall power outlet. It also gives you 3 power outlets, and 2 USB charger ports to power, and charge your electronics when you are on the go. It also has an indicator light to show you that your electronics are protected, and the power is on.

For less then 12 dollars, you can protect your expensive electronics from power surges when you are using power outlets without surge protectors.

You should use a surge protector to protect your PC, Laptop, Tablet, TV, Electronics, and Appliances from power surges which can fry your electronics and computers.

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