August 1, 2010

Basic Mic Tips: Picking a Microphone or headset for recording voice on Computer!

I find using a computer microphone the best way to record your voice or singing onto a computer for music, podcasts, power point, and other applications like using a mic for Dragon Naturally Speaking voice to text converter to convert your voice to text on your PC screen.

From reviews, I read on Amazon, Newegg, and other forums, a USB Microphone is the best type of Mic to pick because they have more features, and better sensitivity.

Plus, they also look cooler then standard 10 dollar mics.Since I'm on a budget, I use a regular 10 dollar mic which you can get at any computer store or get for a dollar at the dollar stores, but the quality is not as good as more expensive mics, but it is good enough for making short voice reminders to yourself, and simple voice narrations for Youtube videos.
However, a headset with microphone and headphones  is a better solution for recording your voice onto your computer since the mic is closer to your mouth, and you can use the headphones to listen to your voice clearly when playing your recording back. A headset also can double as headphones. Headset mics are great for people who play online games with voice chat, use Skype voice and video calling, voice video chat, and laptop users. However, they are more bulky, and take up more room vs mics.
Sometimes, you can even use your Kareoke microphones to use on your computer if your mics use the 3.5mm audio plug type or you got an adapter to convert your K. mic to 3.5mm.

I like using Audacity to record my voice or the built-in voice recorder which comes with Windows Vista and 7.

If you need to adjust the sensitivity of your mic, you can usually adjust it in the Sound control panel program, or the program you are currently using like MSN/ Windows live Messenger.

Happy voice recording!

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