August 9, 2010

USB sound card to replace broken Sound card on computer!

USB Sound Cards< are great to own if you suspect your sound card on your computer is broken, and you want to find out if it is a windows sound problem or a sound card hardware problem. USB Sound cards are not very expensive compared to hiring a tech to fixing a sound card.
USB sound cards are very easy to install. All you need to do is plug it in, and install the USB Sound card software to use it, and uninstall/take out, or disable your original sound card on your computer.
You can buy one for a dollar or less on Ebay or Amazon, and USB sound card are handy to have if you need sound when your sound card suddenly breaks, or start making static noises.  In some cases, using a USB sound card can sound better then your on-board sound card since a lot of computer makers like to save money by picking a poor quality motherboard or sound card.
Also, since a USB Sound Card is outside of your computer there is less electrical interference from other PC parts like videocards, network cards, CPU, etc.

Plus, you also do not have to worry about your video card heating up your sound card if the sound card is installed under the video card. Video cards can put out a lot of heat and having a sound card directly under your video card can make air flow harder for your video card, and may cause heat damage to your sound card or other cards installed under the video card.

I recommend you also learn how to troubleshoot common sound and multimedia related problems in Windows. I use Mike Meyers A+ All-in-One to help me troubleshoot common sound problems along with other problems like video and internet problems. It is a great book to own.

5.1 USB Sound cards are also a good add-on for your computer if you do not have a 5.1, 7.1, or surround sound card installed on your computer, but you want to install 5.1 or higher computer speakers on your PC which sound awesome!

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