August 14, 2010

Things to use to backup your files to when your running out of space and money?

Are you running out of space and money, but need storage to backup your important Files for safe keeping. Well, these days there are a lot of unlikely electronics like Digital Cameras, MP3 and Video Players, Digital Camcorders, Old SD cards and digital picture frames you can use to backup your files to.All these products I listed above have built-in flash memory/hard drive or can accept memory cards like SD memory cards or other types of memory for storing videos, songs, and pictures.

However, when you plug them into a Windows Computer. They usually act like regular external hard drives from my experience.

If you have a unused laptop or desktop hard drives, you can also buy an external hard drive enclosure case to put it into and use as an external USB hard drive. They are relatively cheap if you buy them on Amazon, or Ebay. You can also consider using your old or unused computers and laptops to store your files. You can use a specially design USB Cable or set up a small peer to peer network with a router or switch.

A crossover Ethernet cable can also be used, or use an external hard drive to transfer files from one computer to another.I also find using free or paid online backup like Dropbox, My Gmail account, Google Docs, web hosting account, etc good place to backup my files online, so I can access them from any PC with an internet connection!There are also other electronics to store your files. You just have to be creative. But, I think buying an USB external hard drive is a better idea when you have the money to buy one.

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