August 9, 2010

Wired or Wireless USB Network Internet Adapter to Quickly Get online again

USB Wired Ethernet Adapters are good for troubleshooting if your network adapter is broken or not. All you have to do is plug in your USB network Ethernet adapter, and see if your computer is connected to the internet when your Ethernet wire is plug into your USB wired network adapter.

Although, you should first make sure your Ethernet cable is not broken by testing your network cable with a Network cable tester.

Also see if the light on your modem, or hub is blinking or not. Windows or a firewall program might be blocking you from connecting to the internet. Make sure your DHCP and DNS server is up. Mike Meyers Network+ All-In-One is a good book for teaching you about Network troubleshooting in Windows and Network hardware troubleshooting for both wired and wireless networks.

If you determined your cables, hub, router, or switch, and modem are working fine, and Windows has DHCP, and DNS is working. There is a good chance your network adapter is broken, so you can disable, or remove your current Network adapter to test your computer network connection with a USB Ethernet Adapter to see if you can go online. Some Ethernet adapters require you install software for it to work on Windows.

The advantages of using a USB Network Adapter is it is inexpensive. You can get a USB Network adapter on Amazon or Ebay for a few dollars. They are also a lot more easier to install compared to a PCI network card which requires you to open up your computer case with a screw driver.

USB devices are plug and play which means once they are plug into your computer they work after you installed the software for it if it has any.

If you are using a Wi-fi wireless network to get online, you need to use a USB wireless wifi adapter before you buy one, you need to make for sure that the DHCP, DNS, and DNS server, wireless service in Windows is running, and it is not your wi-fi wireless router or modem which is the problem by seeing to see if other wireless devices can connect to the wireless network.

USB devices are great at replacing broken devices inside your computer case since USB adapters are easy to install and requires no extra tools to install them. Plus, you can use them on other computers you own as well to test if it is the network adapter which is preventing your computer from going online.

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