August 5, 2010

Cables for connecting your computer, Laptop, netbook sound to your stereo or home entertainment sound system speakers

Connecting your computer, laptop, and Netbooks sound to play on your stereo, or home entertainment system speakers is not as hard as it sounds or needs much configuration. All you need is the right audio cable, a stereo or home theater sound system which can playback sound from an external audio player via RCA, S/PDIF, or HDMI.  Connecting your laptop, computer to your stereo, or home theater speakers can improve the sound quality a lot.

The simplest way to connect your sound card on your computer with your home stereo is with a Y-Adapter 3.5mm plug, but you need to make sure your stereo supports RCA audio inputs you can usually know if it does by reading the instruction manual, or you see two ports which are roundish and can fit metal pegs in it.  You plug in the smaller 3.5mm plug into the audio port "usually the green port" on your sound card.  If your stereo supports direct 3.5mm input, you can just get a 3.5 mm audio cable to plug into your stereo. 3.5mm cables also work for connecting your MP3 player, and most portable music players, portable game consoles, video players, and portable DVD players which uses the 3.5mm audio plug standard.

A S/PDIF cable can be used to connect your computer to your home entertainment audio system. There is an optical version S/PDIF and a RCA version of S/PDIF. They both support surround sound, and sound better then 3.5mm output because they send the sound signal digitally to the speakers. But, S/PDIF is only found on newer computers or high end sound cards and it only works on high end entertainment sound systems. Most stereos do not have S/PDIF inputs for outputting sound from a external source like a laptop

There are also sound cards and USB adapters with S/PDIF outputs, so you can output high quality sound to your digital audio receivers.

You can also use an HDMI cable if you have a newer laptop, or desktop with HDMI ports can also carry audio to your TV speakers.

To make your speakers on your stereo, home theater sound system play audio or music from your computer or MP3 player, you usually have to change to external source/AUX mode. Read your  stereo manual for more info on how to play music from an external source.

Best of luck playing audio on your stereo or home theater speakers!

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