August 24, 2010

Flash Drives I recommend for carrying around your schoolwork.

If you mainly use your flash drive for carrying around Word documents and power point presentations a 1GB or lower capacity drive should do fine. However, if you are require to make multimedia files like videos, music, and pictures then a 4GB and bigger drive should be fine.

However, for under 20 dollars you can usually get a 8 GB drive flash drive like this 8GB drive made by Kingston.It would be good enough for most of your school work needs. Kingston is a good flash drive company. I used some of their drives and they work great for storing my files.If you don't want to spend more then 10 dollars on a drive a 4GB Kingston flash drive will be good enough for storing some of your songs, videos, and work. SanDisk makes a good flash drive for their 4GB model.

It has a retractable plug, so you do not have to worry about losing flash drives caps. I also recommend backing up your files on your computer drive, or e-mailing files to yourself since flash drives can break, get stolen and lost like all technology.

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