August 14, 2010

Best tools to use to clean the inside of computer case.

I normally just use a Can of compressed air to clean my computer, but it can get kind of expensive and not very environmentally friendly.They cost around 10 dollars each, but they can last a long time if you do not use them very much like once or twice a year.

They also don't seem very environmentally friendly since you throw out the can once they are empty. Also, the air inside the can smells kind of bad, and can be toxic according to stories which I saw on the news of kids using canned air to "get high on fumes".However, you first need a way to open your case if your computer case does not uses screws with knobs you can turn with your fingers. I recommend getting a computer tool kit to open your PC case since it includes a Phillips head and flat head screw driver which is normally the screw driver type used to open a PC case.I'm thinking about getting an Electric Duster since its more cheaper to own in the long run, and better then buying canned air since they are expensive, and seem kinds of wasteful. Plus, an electric air duster is better then using a vacuum since a vacuum can generate static electricity which can damage your computer parts.But, if you work in a place where there is not always easy access to a power outlet, canned air might be better then a electric air duster.

However, for the price of four cans of air, you can get one electric air duster, and you do not have to worry about smelling the stinky fumes, and how to safely throw out the canned air cans, so they don't harm the environment.

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