August 7, 2010

Using FM Transmitter to play MP3 players or computers music and audio wirelessly

An FM transmitter can use FM radio signals to transmit your music and audio files from your MP3 player, iPod, PC, laptop, or netbook wirelessly by setting a FM transmitter to a specific FM frequency and your FM radio or car stereo with FM to the same Frequency like 88.0 FM. The FM Transmitter will send your music to your FM radio for you to listen to on the radios speakers or head phones. An FM transmitter is like having your own short range FM radio station.

Using an FM radio Transmitter to stream music to a stereo with a FM tuner radio is the cheapest, and easiest way to stream music from one audio device to another compared to wi-fi wireless networking, and Bluetooth wireless speakers.

FM Transmitter works for all audio music players with a 3.5mm headphone/speaker plug like Mp3 players, iPods, computers, laptops, netbooks, personal Radios and CD players.

Unfortunately, the transmitting distance is "up to" 30 feet or less, so FM transmitters are only good for short distances or to use inside a car. What is good about FM transmitter is they are very easy to setup for playing music in a car or small rooms.

Plus, FM radios are very cheap and found on many devices like MP3 players, CD players, and car stereos. You can also get a FM radio for a few dollars at many stores, and garage sales.

I notice that many FM transmitter don't come with an AC adapter or use batteries, and only accept car cigarette lighter power adapter for cars, so you'll need to buy an AC to DC cigarette adapter to plug into your home's power outlet to use some FM transmitters which don't use batteries or home AC power when you are at home.

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