December 15, 2012

Apps for Google Android to help you improve troubleshoot your wireless wi-fi internet connection

Wi-Fi problems like disconnecting Wi-Fi, slow wireless internet, and short wireless range are problems which a lot of Wireless Wi-Fi users deal with in their home, or public Wi-Fi like at school.

However, there are apps for Google Android which make it easier for the common user to pick the right wi-fi channel which is less crowded, so your performance and reliability of the signal can be better.

Using your phone or tablet is more convenient then taking out your laptop, and starting it up since apps can easily tell you the signal strength of a wireless network, what channel the network is on, and what type of password protection like WEP, WPA, and WPA2 it is using with a few taps of the fingers on a touchscreen.

A tablet, and phone is also lighter, and have better battery life then a laptop, so you can leave your phone or tablet powered on longer without charging it while troubleshoot your wireless network.
There is an App for Google Android called Wi-Fi Analyzer which more accurately rate and measure your wireless internet's signal strength then the signal indicator on your phone or tablet's status bar or the default Wi-Fi connections manager for Android. The Wi-Fi Analyzer can help you find locations in your home where the signal is weak or no signal, so you can move your router or Wi-Fi repeaters to another location where it can reach the weak or no signal area of your house to make the signal stronger.
There is an app called WiFi Connection Manager which makes it easy for you to find out what channels what other networks are using, so you can find the least populated channel to set your wireless network to, or connect to the fastest public wi-fi network which is open. It can also find hidden network, and connect to networks from the connection manager.

Tip: You can use your Android phones or tablet web browser to open the control panel for your router's web-based control panel which address is usually or , and the default username is admin and password is admin.

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