December 26, 2012

News Hog Google Android App delivers you news automatically from different topics from Google News to your Google Android phone or tablet

NewsHog (Google News Reader) finds news from different articles which are listed on Google News, and displays them in an easy to read news reading app designed for reading comfortably and quickly on Smartphones and Tablets.

You can pick from 100+ different topics like food, music, technology to subscribe to, or make your own topics like The Olympics, or regional news based on a city's name or zip code and News Hog will automatically find and deliver stories for you to read online when you open the app, and offline when you are not connected to the internet.

News Hog also have a built-in browser for reading news directly on its web browser if you prefer reading news on a browser, or to visit the website to make a comment on the article.

It is also to use the share button to share articles with friends on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other places. You can also filter article as read, or save articles to read latter because News hog downloads articles while you are reading them.

News Hog has a text to speech feature which let you listen to the article, and you can set it's built-in alarm clock, so you can wake up to the latest news headlines instead of an annoying buzzer or alarm clock.

You can also change the size of the images in News hog to large, and adjust the font size to small or big to make reading more comfortable for you.

Changing topics to read is easy with the topic bar on the top of the app. You just tap on the topic, or slide your finger to the left on the right to see more topics which you picked, or made. It is also possible to search within topics and category, save, and like/favorite your favorite articles for latter reading.

To read an article, you click on the article title which will launches the article, and article pictures on your mobile phone or tablet. Some articles on News hog only show part of the article, and require you to press the "open full article in browser" button to launch the full article's on the owner's website to read. If you find the article hard to read, you can press a button which looks like a piece of lined paper to reload the article in News Hog. Once you are done reading the article, you can swipe your finger to the left to read a older article, or swipe your finger to the right to read a newer article. You can also hit the back button to see the list of articles related to the topic.

The swiping finger gesture to the left or right is one of the main advantages of News Hog over a web browser, and other news reader since switching articles is like a book where you turn the page which is more natural compared to pressing a back or forward button like a browser.

The best part of News Hog is it is not subscription base, so you do not need to manually enter in each link for a website, or add websites manually to News hog since News Hog uses  Google News to find you the most important articles on a certain topic/category on Google News.

News Hog app runs pretty fast in Android, and it is very easy to use, and uses most of your screen space to display articles, so you can read your news faster, or listen to it with the text to speech feature which you can use by just clicking the speaker button.

I like that News Hog is a lot easier then opening up a web browser, typing in a link, or looking through my bookmarks for websites to read which are not always formatted to be easy to read on a mobile phone or tablet, so I need to zoom in and out just to read the articles. With News Hog, I can just click on the app, and browse through the topics which I am interested in, and click on articles I want to read.

The Pink pig icon for News Hog is also pretty easy to find on my home screen because it stands out more then generic app icons.

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