December 23, 2012

TapTu, Follow your news blogs in a news feed style Google Android App

Taptu is a free Newsreader RSS Feed Reader App which is used for reading news feeds from blogs, websites, online magazines, and your Google Reader account if you have one.

It can also be used to post, reply, and read status updates, and posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and other social networks to read articles which friends posted to their social network profiles.

It is very easy to add new news sources to Taptu by searching for topics, website names, and feeds on Taptu built-in search engine to search for websites, websites on a specific category, or you can manually add websites your find in Taptu's categories . If you already have a Google Reader account, you can easily add   blogs, websites, etc which you saved to Google Reader, and add them to the TapTu app.

Connecting your Taptu app to its website is easy. You just need to use Taptu to login to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google account to sync Taptu to Taptu's online website, so you can use multiple devices running iOS, Android, Nook Color, Playbook, Kindle & Samsung Bada operating systems.

You can also use your account which you link to Taptu to read articles on on a computer with a web browser, and internet connection.

Taptu lets you merge multiple feeds into one feed to save screen space on phones and tablets.

You can also change the background color of the website or feed title to make finding them easier.

Browsing articles on a feed is also easy all you do is swipe your finger right to left, and Taptu automatically show you older articles in the feed. It is also very easy to change the font size and style, reading template like Bright, or Dark page, and picture size in articles, or hide articles to save bandwidth, and make article downloads faster.

I like that reading Articles in Taptu is like reading a Magazine

If you like the article, you can bookmark it to read at a latter time, or save it to Instapaper, and Pocket which are offline article readers which you can use to read your articles offline anytime you want even when there is no internet connection once you save the article to Instapaper, or Pocket.

Tatu also seems to freeze up less, and crash less then other newsreader apps which I used for Android, and it also runs faster, and seems easier to use then other news apps while looking attractive for a news reader app.

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