December 4, 2012

Iobit's Advance Mobile Care For Google Android - Protects, clean-up, and optimizes Google Android phones and Tablets

Iobit recently release Advance Mobile Care for Google Android smartphones and tablets. Advance Mobile Care is similar to Advance System Care, but for Google Android mobile devices.

Advance Mobile Care is an all-in-one Google Android system utility which scans your Android phones, and tablet for malware/viruses, background programs, cache files, and junk files. After Advance Mobile Care finds malware, background programs, cache files, and junk files, you can choose which files which you want to remove individual, or just hit repair to remove them all at once.

Advance Mobile Care scan takes only a few minutes to do, and clean up takes a few seconds. I think Advance Mobile Care is good for someone who just wants one app which does all their maintenance  tasks like temp file deleter, Mal-ware scan, real-time Mal-ware scans, automatic malware definition updates, and task killing for them instead of using multiple apps to do all the things Advance Mobile Care does. Plus, Iobit is a trusted company which has been making system utility software like Advance System Care, Smart Defrag, and anti-malware programs for Windows for many years, so it is safer then using some app from an unknown app company which might try to trick you into installing a virus, or signing up for something you don't want.

Iobit's Advance Mobile Care also comes with a Task Killer to kill background task which may be slowing down your phone or tablet, app manager to open, uninstall, and move apps to SD card, Game Speeder Launcher which speeds up and launches your game, and, Battery saver with 3 settings like Super Saver, Battery saver, and normal which disable programs like Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, Audio etc to save you battery life, and you can manually adjust the power modes like leaving Wi-Fi on when in Power Saving mode instead of Off, so you can use the internet.

There is also a privacy locker which is protected by a custom pin which you set to unlock files you have locked in the privacy locker to protect them from being viewed unless you know the pin. After you press in your pin, you can unlock your files to view it with the Gallery, document, and other types of apps for opening files.

You can also set ASM to automatically kill tasks when the screen is off, and every few hours, automatically updates its virus definitions, and protect your Android device in real-time like your anti-virus for your desktop and laptop computer.

Advance Mobile Care also has a battery monitor which tells you how much battery life you have left, and the percentage which your battery is charged. When the charger for your phone or tablet is charging your phone, there is a battery icon on the status bar with the percentage your phone is charged.

ASM battery monitor can also predict how long your battery will last based on which power saving mode you pick like normal, power saving, super power saving.

There is also a widget to perform Advance Mobile Care quick scans which scan and repair your Android device from your Homescreen desktop by clicking on the ASM widget labeled scan. While ASM is scanning, you can use your phone and tabley, and it will notify you when it is done scanning and repairing your phone or tablet.

I like that Advance Mobile Care is fast, and does not slow down Google Android on a noticeable level on my Kobo Vox eReader Tablet which uses Google Android Gingerbread. I been using it for a few weeks, and it works great as an Antimalware, disk cleanup, cache cleaner, app manager, and task killer all-in-one App for Android.

You can download Advance Mobile Care for Android at

If you use also own a Windows Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, or Netbook, I recommend Advance System Care Pro since it is one of the easiest , and best system utility programs I used for Windows. Advance System Care has an Antivirus, AntiMalware, Disk Cleanup, Privacy Sweeper, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, System and Internet Optimization, Disk Defrag, Disk Scan, Turbo mode, Shortcut fix, and a bunch of other tools for you to use to clean up, and optimize your Windows PC. Best of all, it is easy to use, and just requires a few clicks of the mouse to maintain your PC, and you can just let it run in the background to maintain your PC when your PC is idle, and doing nothing.

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