December 14, 2012

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, two mobile web browsers you can use to save data on your Google Android phone or Tablet

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile have a setting called Opera Turbo which you can use to save data while you browse the internet. Opera Turbo compresses images, and other website objects like HTML codes, etc which make downloading websites faster and more efficient on your phone or tablet running Google Android.

By using less data because you are using Opera Mini or Mobile with Turbo mode as your main web browser, you can subscribe to a cheaper data or internet plan which is cheaper because you don't need to subscribe to as much data. You can also subscribe to cheaper slower internet because Opera Turbo makes website load faster on slower connections because it compresses the data, so there is less to download.

Opera web browser are also pretty light weight, and easy to use in my experience like a desktop web browser. They both have tabs for multi-tab browsing navigational buttons like back, forward, stop, refresh, an address bar, bookmarks, and speed dial bookmarks which let you set your most used bookmarks in the new tabs or homepage.

Opera also has Opera links which let you sync your bookmarks, and settings from your desktop, other mobile devices, and laptop to multiple devices, so you can access your bookmarks on multiple devices.

The main difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile is Opera Mobile has HTML5  and flash support which lets you view HTML5 and flash animation and video while Opera Mini does not have HTML5 or flash support.

But, Opera Mini lets you adjust the quality of the images to low, medium, or high, so by using Opera Mini, you can save even more data by downloading more compress images.

It is also very easy to turn off images in Opera if your data plan is very low, or you prefer not to see images while you browse online.

I been a user of Opera Mini and Mobile, and found it to be one of the fastest, easiest, and most stable mobile web browser for Google Android operating phones and tablets.

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