December 30, 2012

Fluent News Reader App, deliver the latest news links for you to read on Google Android

Fluent News Reader is an App for Google Android which delivers the latest news in Full articles format from websites like Fox, BBC, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and Washington Post on different categories like Business, World, Science and Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and more.

Fluent has a built in browser for displaying the mobile versions of News websites instead of the desktop version because the mobile version loads faster, and is easier to read on a phone or tablet without zooming in and out.

You can also share articles on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Google+, and view articles offline from the app without leaving the app.

Fluent news is easy to use since you don't have to set up a subscription to Google Reader, make an account, or pick categories and websites to subscribe to like other News Reader apps and websites. You just install Fluent News, and you are ready to read from different news sources on different categories.

To change categories/topics like Business, World News, and Life style, you just tap on the menu button on Fluent, or your phone or tablet if it has a physical menu button. After you tap on the menu button, Fluent will show you a list of categories you can read. You just tap on the category which you want to read and Fluent will display links to articles which you can read on the category you picked.

You click on the article link on Fluent to launch the article. When you are reading an Article, you can tap on the menu button to share the article by e-mail, and social network like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter.

The App runs pretty fast on a Google Android Tablet, and the news is updated regularly. I like that Fluent News Reader uses less then 1 MB of space to install it. It also rarely crashes in my experience.

The best feature of Fluent News is everything is automatic, so there is no syncing with accounts like Google Reader, or loging in required like other news readers, and all articles being linked to on Fluent are full articles displayed on a mobile website template making it easier for people on tablets and smartphones to read the news.

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