December 14, 2012

Friendcaster, Great 3rd party Facebook Client for Google Android

 Friendcaster for Facebook is one of my favorite third party Facebook clients for Google Android because it is fast, easy to use, looks nice, and stable.

Friendcaster lets me easily follow my friends, fanpages, notifications, messages, and timeline on Facebook easily, and it also let me reply to post, pictures, videos, and upload photos.

Friendcaster also is faster to use then the official Facebook Android app which feels slow on older phones and tablets. 

The user interface in Friendcaster is easy to use on touch screens, and viewing photos and video on Friendcaster is simple to use, and fast by just tapping on images and video.

Friendcaster is more convenient then logging into the Facebook mobile site with a mobile browser because typing in my user name and password is more difficult on a phone or tablet, and sometimes the web browser is slower then Friendcaster because there are a lot of tabs open on the browser which can slow down a phone or tablet.

Friendcaster also crashes and freezes less then web browsers and the official Facebook app in my experience.

There is also Friendcaster Facebook Chat App which let you easily chat with friends on Facebook with an App, and mark friends as favourite to chat with on Facebook. It also has themes to make your chat themes look better.

You also sav money by using Facebook chat if your cell phone service charges you money per text/sms message you send, or you have a limited amounts of text you can send per month before paying overage fees for texts.

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