December 17, 2012

Feedly, Magazine Style Google News Reader App for Google Android

Feedly is a free magazine style Google News Reader App which you can use on Google Android phones, and tablets.

I like Feedly because it is easier to read then desktop and many mobile sites on a small phone and tablet because it is like a magazine or ebook with larger font, and cleaner design. There is also a night mode which changes the color of the background to black, and the font to white to make it easier to read at night.

It is also faster then using a web browser because I just need to connect my Google Reader/Gmail account to Feedly to start following blogs, websites, and other sites with RSS news feeds on Feedly. Plus, Feedly just load the article and article images instead of the whole website, so there is less to load, and article load very fast. Feedly also have a built-in web browser to view the article from within Feedly web browser, or click the browser button to load an external web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, so you can read  and make comments on the article from the articles official website on the web.

The page turn animation., and scrolling up and down an article is pretty fast, and Feedly rarely crashes like other news readers.

What I like about Feedly is that I can easily add new subscriptions to Feedly by using my Google Reader account on Google at which has a easy to use website for adding new websites by just clicking the subscribe button, and pasting in a blog link into the textbox, and clicking add.

You can also use the Google Reader App for Google Android to add a website to subscribe to in Feedly, and to manage your subscription.

You can also add suggested or websites you like to read in Feedly's App, and star/save articles to read at a latter time, on Feedly or Google Reader. You can also save articles to Pocket, or Instapaper to read offline when you are not connected to the internet.

Feedly can also be used to share web links articles on Twitter, and Facebook from within the App, so your friends, family, and followers can more easily find and comment on articles on Facebook and Twitter.

Feedly is also available on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, so you can read the same article on multiple devices and browsers.

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