December 9, 2012

Boat Browser for Google Android, Fast Simple Web Browser

Boat Browser is a fast and light Mobile Web Browser for Android . Page loading, scrolling, zooming in and out, and going back and forward is fast and smooth in Boat Browser. It also does not slow down your device when it is running in the background because it is more light weight then other web browsers like Firefox for Android.

You can also export, save, and import bookmarks in and out of Boat Browser.

Boat Browser is also the most stable web browser which I ever use with very few force closes, freezes, and crashes compared to other web browsers I used in the past.

It has all the features which most mobile web users need like speed dial bookmarks in the new tabs page, back, forward, and address bar, autofill, Flash support, and multi-tab viewing.

If your tablet or phone has volume buttons, you can set your volume button to scroll up and down a page when you use them in Boat Browser to make browsing more convenient and fast. 

In my experience, Boat Browser is fast and easy to use, and it also supports voice commands by using Google Voice. It has multi-touch support like pinch to zoom to zoom into a page.

Boat Browser also comes with a few colored theme to personalize the color of the web browser, and you can install add-ons from Google Play to add more features to Boat Browser. Boat Browser also has a night mode which makes a website dark to make it easier to read at night, or in low light conditions.

You can also use Boat Browser to take screenshots of a website, and add add-ons to save sites as PDF and other file formats.

It is also easy to empty your web history and cache files in Boat Browser from the settings menu, or when you press exit in the menu.

Boat Browser is only 2MB in size, so it does not take up much space on your Android phone or tablet.

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