December 15, 2012

Maxthon Mobile Browser for Google Android, Makes browsing the web easier and faster on phones+tablets

Maxthon Mobile Browser for Google Android is a mobile which uses cloud/internet computing to make it simple for users to sync their tabs, bookmarks, text, images, and other files to their Maxthon Cloud account.

Maxthon is one of the fastest, easiest to use, and most stable mobile web browsers which I use on Google Android. Pages load in seconds on my home's wireless internet. The user interface on Maxthon is also easy to use like desktop web browsers which I am used to with an address bar, bookmarks, back, forward, and other features. Maxthon browser also rarely crashes, or freezes in my experience.

Maxthon cloud sync makes it easy for you to pick up where you left off from your Google Android phone or tablet, on another Maxthon web browser running Windows, Mac, and iOS operating system by signing in with your Maxthon account.

You need a Maxthon account at Maxthon's website to use Cloud Sync feature, but you do not need to a Maxthon account to use the non-cloud features of Maxthon to browse the web.

With Maxthon, you can push  text, images, websites/links and tabs from your Maxthon account on Google Android to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems which also have Maxthon installed on it

Maxthon ha cloud download which let you upload files to your Maxthon "My Cloud" account to backup up to 10GB of data from any device with Maxthon web browser on it.

Maxthon also has a full screen mode which has a fan-menu which make it easy to switch tabs by using touch gestures. The full screen mode also uses all your screen's space to view a website in full screen mode.

The homepage for Maxthon is useful because you can add speed dial bookmarks to open up websites with a tap of a finger on an icon. You can also setup Maxthon to open web apps, apps, and add-ons from the new tabs, or homepage.

The add-ons like Task killer, RSS reader, screenshot, file manager for Maxthon are also useful when you installed them from Google Play.

App Center in Maxthon makes finding web apps and content online easy.

You can also use touch gestures in Maxthon to close, open, switch, and restore tabs, or create your own gestures.

Reading in Maxthon is faster because it preloads pages, so you do not have to wait for pages to load. There is also night mode in Maxthon which makes your web browser easier to read in low light rooms, and it is easy to adjust the brightness in Maxthon for more comfortable reading in bright rooms.

Reader Mode adjust the font, and remove objects like widgets on a website to make reading websites easier.

There is a mode in Maxthon called WAP mode which makes downloading websites faster by using the low bandwidth WAP version of the website. It is easy to switch between the regular version and WAP version of a website in Maxthon in Maxthon's settings.

The Maxthon community also is very active with a forum, a lot of Facebook fans, and blog, so finding help on how to use Maxthon browser, or just to talk about it is simple.

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