December 18, 2012

Pocket Offline reader app, saves articles, web video, and online images to view in Google Android while Offline

Pocket formerly known as "Read it Later" is a free offline reader app which lets you easily copy articles, web video, and online images from other reading apps like Google Currents Reader, Pulse, Flipboard, Feedly, Twitter, and web browsers like Dolphin Browser for Google Android to your Google Android Tablet and Smartphone internal storage to read on Pocket.

You can also create a Pocket account on its website, so you can sync articles which you save from Pocket to your web browser, e-mail PC, and other Android, iOS, Windows Phone, WebOS, and s60  Tablets and phones which you own, and have Pocket installed on.

Using The Web App and Extension on Google Chrome is also very easy to save articles to Pocket by pressing the pocket button on the toolbar, or using the right click menu to pick save to Pocket on the Google Chrome Right Click Menu.

Reading articles with the Web app on Pocket's website with my Pocket online account is simple, and clean like reading an online magazine, and you can tag, categorize, and delete articles within the web app easily.

You do not need to have a Pocket account to use Pocket, but you can't use the syncing features to sync and backup articles, pictures and video to your other devices which you own. Your articles wll also get lost if your phone or tablet gets stolen or lost, but with a Pocket account, you can still read your articles on your other devices, or a web browser like Google Chrome, and sync your previously saved articles to your new replacement phone or tablet after you sign-in to your Pocket account on your new Tablet or phone.

Pocket is very easy to use since you just use the share button on Apps like Feedly, and pick Pocket from the share menu, and the article, picture, and video are automatically stored in Pocket to read at a latter time while you are offline. The fonts in Pocket are easy to read, and reading from Pocket full screen app is like reading an eBook or Magazine because you just read the article and see pictures instead of also seeing a sidebar, widgets, etc like on a desktop website.

There is also a night mode theme in Pocket which turns Pocket background color to black, and the font to white to make it easier to read at night, and low light conditions. It is pretty to search for articles which you previously saved, and tag them to categorize them for easy searching.

You can also mark articles with a star, and delete articles you already read to free up room for new articles.

Pocket is also very fast. It launches in seconds, and articles load almost instantly. It is also easy to use to read, archive, favorite, tag and delete read articles.

You can also share articles from within the Pocket app to share interesting articles via Bluetooth, e-mail, Facebook, or SMS links with friends.

I also find that Pocket is very stable, and rarely crashes, and freezes like other reader apps I used.

Pocket is good for saving money on cell phone data plans, and battery life because you can download all your articles, pictures, and video in Pocket while at home with your home WiFi, or use free Wi-Fi available at schools, and other public places to download articles, so you do not need to use your cell phone's data plan to download articles and video. You can also turn off Wi-Fi and your 3G or 4G data service on your phone to save battery life because Pocket does not need Internet for you to read articles offline. Plus, you have articles to read while there is a power or internet outage as long as your phone's or tablet's battery is charged with power.

I think reading from an App like Pocket would be one of the main ways people discover, read and share articles from the web because Reader apps are clean, simple, and fast while backing up articles for safe keeping unlike a website where articles are gone if a site goes down, delete the article, or sells or close the site like Yahoo's Geocities which is gone forever because Yahoo shut it down a few years a go.

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