December 7, 2012

Duck Duck Go Search App for Google Android

Duck Duck Go is a website search engine app which you can use for Google Android phones and tablets. I like the search app because it is clean, fast, and easy to use.

Duck Duck Go have less spam, and cluttered websites because they ban undesirable sites, and it also does not collect information, and track its users.

I like that the homepage of the Duck Duck Go app is a newsreader RSS news feed from news sources from around the web like Yahoo News, Time, Reddit, NPR, and more, so once you open the DDG app you are greeted with news which got posted from around the web.

You can also use Duck Duck Go App as a simple web browser to browse, and save webpages. All links open in the DDG app also open in the DDG app, so you do not need to launch another web browser. The Duck Duck Go Web browser app is also pretty fast, and the settings are easy to adjust.

The app is also only 679 KB in size, so it loads fast, and does not take up much room on your Google Android phone or tablet.

The Duck Duck Go App is fast, and so is the web browser. The web results which Duck Duck Go provide are pretty good when I search DDG, and the web results don't have a lot of big ads, and links on it.

Learn more Abour Duck Duck Go at

You can download the app at Amazon's Duck Duck Go page , Google Play's Duck Duck Go page, or at

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