December 7, 2012

UC Web Browser slim, fast, simple web browser for Google Android

UC Web Browser is a free web browser for Google Android, and I have been very happy with UC because there are a lot of features, it is easy to use, and it is fast.

The Startup times for UC web browser is quick. It only takes a few seconds to start up UC Browser in Android. UC Browser compresses your webpages, so images and websites load faster, and save you money by not going over your data cap for your cell phone plan if you have one. I notice even on slower Android devices like the Kobo Vox, websites load pretty fast, scroll, and zoom in and out pretty fast. It is also easy to change the default search engine to another search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go if you prefer to use a different search engine provider. The new tabs page let you set speed dial bookmarks to make visiting your favorite websites faster by clicking on a bookmark site in the new tabs page, or clicking on the popular button on new tabs. UC also comes with a lot of useful bookmarks like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Craigslist, and a lot more in the new tabs, and popular section of the web browser. I find the bundled bookmarks pretty helpful because it saves me time by not having to manually type them into the address bar to bookmark since it is already included. You can also set the brightness of the screen to be 5% or higher in UC's settings to save you battery life, and make it more convenient for you to change the brightness by just going to the US settings.

The User interface is similar to a desktop browser with an address bar, back, forward, bookmarks, new tabs, stop, Autofill, Download manager, RSS News Reader and other buttons, and features found on a traditional browser for desktops, so learning how to use it is simple. You can also use voice commands for Smartphones, and if your tablet has a microphone.

I also like that UC goes into full screen mode until I press the menu button, so the address bar, menu bar, and other things are not taking up screen space on my screen when I do not need to use them. Scrolling and zooming in in UC is also very fast and smooth in my experience.

Switching between, opening  and closing tabs is also easy in UC Web Browser by just clicking on the tabs buttons, or using finger swipe gestures.

There is also a night mode in UC Web browser for improve night reading in low light condition. The night mode dims the screen brightness, and change the background color of US Web browser to Black, and the font color to a light blue color to make night reading more easier.

It is also easy to exit the web browser by clicking the menu button, and clicking exit. You can also set UC Browser to clear your temporary internet files after you exit, or clear your temp. files in the settings.

If UC Web browser crash, or you turned off your phone or tablet, and did not exit UC browser,  UC browser ask you if you want to restore your previously open tabs/websites.

UC Web browser is one of the fastest, easiest, and feature rich third-party web browser for Google Android which I used on Android.

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