December 3, 2012

Dolphin Browser 8- Fast, Simple, and Light Google Android web browser

Dolphin Browser 8.7 is one of the fastest, easiest, and lightest web browser which I ever use on Google Android on my Kobo Vox eReader Tablet.

I like Dolphin because it's user interface is similar to a desktop web browser, so I can easily switch tab windows at the top of the web browser, go back, and forward, type in the address box, bookmark page.

There is also a full screen mode in Dolphin Browser which hides the address bar, and menu bar, so you have more free space to display a website. The Full screen mode is useful for phones and tablets which have smaller screens. You can also set Dolphin to show the bottom toolbar in the settings to make using Dolphin faster and more convenient.

It also has autofill, voice controls, Dolphin Connect Sync, and  shortcut gestures to make using your web browser faster.

Voice controls, and finger Gesture make going to website, using back, forward, and other web browser commands more convenient by using your voice, or using your touch screen and finger to draw letters, and symbols to tell Dolphin to do a web browser related task.

I like the speed dial bookmarks which are located at the homepage, or new tabs menu to make it easy to add bookmarks, and go to bookmarks by tapping on one of the speed dial icons. You can also make folders for your bookmarks to better organize your bookmarks if you have a lot of bookmarked pages.

The performance of Dolphin Web Browser is very fast, scrolling up and down, loading pages, and zooming in and out of web pages is smooth. Dolphin also starts up pretty quickly.

Dolphin also does not slow down much after using it for a while like other web browsers which I tried.

I also notice Dolphin can sometimes display websites which other web browsers can't display. One time, I was trying to open my webmail from my ISP, and only Dolphin can open it while other web browsers which I have installed can't display it.

Dolphin Browser also has add-ons like Lastpass, Evernote, etc which give more features to Dolphin as you add more add-ons to it like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. A add-on I recommend is Jetpack which claims to make Dolphin load pages faster.

I also like that it is possible to install custom themes/skins to Dolphin browser to change the appearance, and color of the browser. I am using a blue theme for Dolphin Browser which gives Dolphin a blue Toolbar, tabs, and loading bar.

I also like that it is easy to clear my history, cache files, and other private information in the settings of Dolphin Browser.

There is also an Exit button in Dolphin Browser which is great since when I press the exit button it is no longer running in the background like the default web browser for Android which does not have an exit button, so I can't easily exit it unless I use some sort of Task Killer app.

Dolphin Browser is available at the Amazon App store and Google Play App Store for free.

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