December 29, 2012

gReader, Great third party Google Reader for reading your news on Google Android

  I have been using gReader (Google Reader / RSS) which is a free third party news reader app which let me log-in to my Google Reader account from the app, and quickly downloads and sync articles from my favorite blogs with a RSS news feed which let people subscribe with news readers.

I can also use my Google Reader/Gmail account to manage my subscriptions on a desktop computer, so I can easily subscribe to blogs and news sites I want to follow on gReader installed on my mobile devices like Tablets and Smartphones. Plus, I don't lose my subscriptions even if I lost my phone or tablet because all my subscriptions are saved on my Gmail account which I can access from almost any internet connected device.

I like using gReader because it let me easily keep up to date on my favorite blogs without opening a web browser, going into my bookmarks folder, looking for the link to go to blogs, browsing the website to look for articles to read, and zooming in and out of websites to read the text if the website is not a mobile website.

With gReader, new articles from blogs are automatically downloaded to my Tablet when it is on, so once I launch gReader all my subscriptions from Google Reader are ready for me to read even if I don't have internet on.

Plus, gReader have offline reading support, so I can still read while I am offline. Setting up gReader to get news from my Google Reader account is easy. All I need to do is login to my Google reader account from gReader to sync gReader with Google Reader. I can also use gReader to search for new blogs, and websites to add to my Google Reader/gReader profile from within the app.

I can also search for text within subscriptions, and articles to make finding articles easier from within gReader.

The reading experience from within gReader is great for tablets, and smartphones. I can easily adjust the font size, and theme to Dark or Black for better night reading, and back to bright for daytime reading.

Some blogs only send you a few sentences for you to read on Reader apps to make you visit the full website. When you open the full website where the article is hosted, gReader will format the article to display in Reader mode to make the article look like articles saved to gReader. Articles in Reader mode won't have banners, sidebars, and comments like the full website, but if you prefer the full website layout, you can click on the web button, or change the setting to web in the display settings for gReader.

It is also possible to show a thumbnail image of images within articles, and read the first few sentences of an article before opening it to see what it is about.

Articles which you read are mark as read, mark article as favorite, and there are options to save articles to read offline on your devices memory. It is also possible to use gReader to share articles by email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks.

Once you are done reading an Article in gReader, you can swipe your finger to the left on your tablet, or phone which will tell gReader to load to the next article. You can also hit the back button on your mobile device to go back to the article list from the news source. There are also navigational buttons for scrolling and going back to the home screen on gReader sidebar.

gReader also has Widgets, Text-To-Speech, Podcast support (streaming), Mark read on scroll.

In my experience, gReader runs pretty well on my Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet. Articles load almost instantly, and gReader never freezes and crashes. The user interface is easy to use because it has the back, up and down scroll bar buttons, and toolbar buttons for doing common tasks, so I so not need to change the settings much.

gReader is one of the best third party Google Reader apps for Google Android, and it is also available in the Amazon App store, so Kindle Fire users can read their website and blog subscription from the gReader app instead of on a web browser which can be slow, and time consuming compared to using an app .

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