December 15, 2012

Pinterest App for Google Android, fun online Image pin board app

Pinterest for Android is a fun pin board app which lets you pin images, videos, and other visual content to

You can make boards/categories for pinning your images, so they are easier to organize your pinned content. You can also give category and descriptions to your boards, so viewers can more easily know what your board is about, and possibly, let Pinterest more easily make your photos and videos which you pinned easier for users to find. You can also add a short description to images and videos which you have pinned on Pinterest.

Pinterest App for Android let you pin images by uploading them from your Google Android phone or tablet's  storage and camera, or you typing in the link or using the pin button on websites to pin a image which you selected from the website with Pinterest.

Pinterest also let you search for images and video, Pinterest boards, and members on Pinterest's built-in search engine. You can also browse categories like Art, Kids, Humor, etc when you just want to browse pins related to categories. I like using Pinterest for searching for images because most images are more high quality, bigger size, and newer then most image search I tried. For example, if I search for Tablet PC, I would get fewer results with those old Windows XP Tablets with Stylus pens instead of the iPad.

You can also use Pinterest to search for friends you already know on Facebook or Twitter by signing-up to Pinterest with your Facebook or Twitter account, or linking your accounts to Pinterest.

My favorite feature about Pinterest is the social network part of Pinterest. I can re-pin other users pin, and reply to other pins which people posted. It is also easy to follow other people's boards, and pins by following them, or just a board they made. It is also a good place to share website pictures and links with other members on Pinterest.

Pinterest is good for collecting images from around the web for arts and craft, or to easily find at a latter time by organizing them on boards. You can also make private boards to hide your images from the public.

The Pinterest App is pretty easy to use because it is like which has a simple to use website for pinning images, videos, and links. The App is also pretty fast and stable in Google Android.

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