July 19, 2010

APC Essential SurgeArrest power bar, Great Power Bar for a great price!

APC Essential SurgeArrest power bar with 7 outlet is a great 10 US Dollar surge protected power bar. I been using  APC Essential SurgeArrest power bar to protect my laptop, desktop, and other electronic devices from power surges, spikes, and other power problems which can fry sensitive electronic parts like circuit boards, capacitors, wires, microchips, etc for 3 years. The power bar has 490 J of protection from power surge problems.The cord is 1.22 M long, so it can easily reach most power outlets. Plus, it comes with 7 outlets, so there are enough plugs available for your printer, scanner, computer, monitor, router, modem, and speakers.

I also like how the plugs for my electronics are not loose when I plug it in to this power bar. The ON/OFF switch is also not too easy to turn off if you accidentally slide your feet or fingers over the switch since the plug is not very big, and is located in a shallow hole on the top of the power bar.

This power bar by APC also look nicer with the black mat finish then the generic white power bars you get from the hardware store like the one shown below.

I also recommend getting plug cable extender if your devices use those very big power brick adapters since those power brick adapters tend to block an extra outlet, but with a short extension cable, your plugs won't be block, so you can use the maximum amount of space.

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