July 27, 2010

CD DVD optical disk lens cleaners are they needed?

CD DVD optical lens cleaning disc are needed if your CD DVD Optical lens is very dirty, or stop playing cds or is Skippy CDs and DVDs. A CD DVD lens cleaner disk might help since it has a little brush on the bottom of the CD cleanind disc to brush off the dirt from your CD drive. All you have to do is put the cleaning CD in and play it. Some come with a bottle of cleaner for your CD cleaning lens disc.
CD Lens Cleaning Disc only cost 10 dollars or less, but they can be used over and over again which is a lot cheaper then hiring someone to clean your CD drive of dus

But, generally if you use your CD drive on a regular basis the air generated from the spinning of the disk is enough to blow off dirt. The main reason for a CD read lens being clogged with dirt is when you do not use the CD DVD drive for a long time, but your computer is still on. since dust can still be sucked into your CD DVD drive via the CD drive especially if you own a slot loading CD DVD drive without a door.

However, if you live in a dusty environment, and you hardly use your CD drives for months, weeks, or longer. It might get clogged with dirt which gets suck into your CD drive via tiny gaps on your CD drive.

CD drive lens cleaning discs can also be used to clean your video game consoles like Playstation 2, DVD players, Portable CD players, and other devices which has a CD drive.

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