July 24, 2010

Shiny New USB keyboards to replace trusty sticky rectangle Keyboard.

I'm sure we all used a disgusting keyboard with food and drink stains which  we been thinking of replacing them.

But, never got around to it, or can't let go of the memories we shared with our beloved keyboards. I have very happy memories of using my old keyboard to make my first Yahoo Geocities website when I was in Grade 6.  Sadly, Geocities is gone as well because Yahoo decided to discontinue Geocities.

But, there's a time where I have to donate my keyboard to a thrift store or computer recycler which is sad since it is almost like losing a favorite childhood toy. What is important are the memories of using my old trusty keyboard to make my first website, write my first Essay and science lab report that I got an A+ in.

The good news is now wired entry-level USB Desktop Keyboards can be bought for 10-20 or more US Dollars on online stores like Amazon. Keyboards also are more stylish compared to the square rectangular keyboards from the 1980s-1990s. Newer keyboards are also more comfortable to use, and have more shortcut and multimedia buttons which improve usability and productivity. Plus, many Keyboards are water resistant, so you are less likely to damage your computer from spilling your drinks on your keyboard.

USB keyboards also are more ergonomic, so they won't hurt your hands and fingers after continued typing on them for hours at a time.

The main advantage of Keyboards these days are their multimedia like Volume up/down, pause, and shortcut buttons for launching your favorite programs like MS Word, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Games, so newer keyboards can save you a lot of time. Some even have labels on them to teach you how to use short cut keys like cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, redo, etc, so you can be more productive and not go on the Internet to search up what the short cut key for cut, and paste is.

It is best to buy a spill-proof keyboard since you are less likely to damage your keyboard and computer if your keyboard is water resistant, and you spilled your drink or food on your keyboard.

If you like to work farther away from your computer monitor, I recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse. But, the main disadvantage of Wireless Keyboards, are the batteries need to be replaced or recharged from time to time.

I recommend Logitech and Microsoft keyboards. I used both brands, and their keyboards last for years without problems. Plus, they are pretty cheap if you buy them from an online store like Amazon.

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