July 19, 2010

MicroSD card readers a good alternative to connecting your electronics to your PC with a USB cable

I find using a MicroSD card very great for adding extra space to newer cell phones, MP3 players, and other portable devices which accept MicroSD cards. However, finding the cables to connect a MP3 player or other device can be a hassle since it is not in my computer room.

I find using a MicroSD USB Reader very convenient since I don't have to find the cable to connect to my electronics to access my MicroSD card, and sometimes the cable is being used to charge my electronics battery. But, if you have a inexpensive USB MicroSD card, you can take out your MicroSD card, so you can continue using the USB cable to charge your device with the charger.

USB MicroSD Card reader use very little power, so it can be run off of USB power from your computer's USB ports a lone.

MicroSD cards and USB MicroSD card readers also look very cool and cute compared to the generic USB flash drive. I also like how portable MicroSD and USB MicroSD card readers are. I can put them on my Key chain and always have a few GB of storage on me depending on how much storage space my MicroSD card has.

This is where a Micro SD reader comes in handy. All I need to do is take out my MicroSD card from my Mp3 player or other device and slide it into my USB MicroSD Card Reader , and plug it into my USB port, and it works like a USB Flash drive or Hard drive. You do not even need to install any additional driver software, so the USB MicroSD card works Windows, and most Linux or Mac Operating System recognize the MicroSD card as a Removable storage device in many cases.

I sometimes use my MicroSD card as a flash drive since it is very small and easy to carry. Plus, it protects my MicroSD cards from dirt, dust, and lint. Plus, USB Micro SD Card Readers are very inexpensive if you buy them online from Amazon which sell USB MicroSD Readersfor as little as 2.25 USD and up. They can also be used as practical cellphone charms. How many times have you need to copy a file from a work or friends computer, but left your USB Flash Drive at home?

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