July 16, 2010

Cheap SD Memory Card Reader for reading SD Memory Cards on PC can't read SD memory card!

I notice my Transcend 2GB SD memory card can't be read on my Multi-format Memory card reader which can also read SD memory on my computer. I'm sure other people also experience this.

I find buying a Cheap USB SDHC SD MMC Memory card reader can read all my SD memory card including my Kingston, Duracell, and Transcend Memory Card which my more expensive reader can't read.

I also find owning a USB SD card reader is a good backup USB SD card reader when Windows corrupted  my internal SD Memory Card  reader driver during a Windows Update (which actually happened a few times), my internal card reader not working when my USB TV tuner card is plug in (which I fix by plugging my TV Tuner Card into another USB port)  or If I broke my SD card reader by using it too many times wearing it out.

In most cases, USB Card readers don't require any additional software to run it on your computer. It is usually plug and play like USB flash drives from my personal experience.

I recommend buying a SD card reader that can read SD or SDHC SD card since it can read older SD cards, and SDHC cards which are SD cards, but are (High Capacity) [HC] SD cards between 4GB to 32GB and support higher read and write speeds.

I also find SD Card readers as good places to store my SD cards when I am not using them. SD card reader shaped like a flash drive have a cap to protect your SD card and the metal USB connector from damage, static, dirt, moisture, and lint from your pocket.

Plus, I can always use my USB SD Card Reader at a friends house if their computer is too old or does not have a Card reader. Plus, I notice SD Cards are sometimes don't work on all Card readers, so it is best to bring your own card reader to a persons house since you will know your SD card reader will work on your card reader if it does not work on your friends card reader like some DVDs which can only be played on Asian DVD players, but not North American DVD players because the DVD was made to only work on DVD players from a certain region of the world like Asia.

It only cost me a few dollars, and can only read SD , MMC, and SDHC memory cards which is good enough for me since all my digital cameras made by HP, and Kodak uses SD and SDHC (SD High Capacity) memory cards. I can also use the memory card reader as a flash drive since If the metal USB connector ever breaks, I can just take out my SD Memory Card and put it in another SD Memory card.

Plus, I can buy a new memory cards when my current memory card is getting too small to copy very large files onto unlike a USB flash drive which is not upgradeable, and all your important files are hard to recover if the USB metal connector snaps off.

For a few dollars, I have a spare USB SD Card Reader which will save me a lot of time since I won't have to exchange a SD card if it does not work with my Computer's internal SD card reader. I also save money since getting a internal SD card reader for a computer can be very expensive if I hire a computer technician to fix it for me. Plus, internal card readers can also be more expensive and time consuming to install compared to an USB SD card reader which only cost 3 dollars or less on Amazon, and only takes a few seconds to install since USB SD card readers require no drivers, screws. USB is plug and play, so the card reader acts like a USB Flash drive when plug into your computer's USB port.

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