July 15, 2010

DVD+RW CD-RW are great for saving money and going green!

I been using Maxell DVD+RW and Fuji CD-RW re-writable discs for a few years now. They both never failed me at writing files which I temporary need, but don't need permanently like files I burn to DVD-R or CD-R disks.  CD/DVD-RW disks saved me a lot of money and disks over the past 5 years.

For example, when I need to copy files to a friends very old computer which does not have USB ports and the file is too big to fit on a Floppy disk. But, I don't want to use a CD-R to copy a file to his compute, so I use a DVD-RW or CD-RW  disc which has 4.7 GB of space to transfer the file to his computer. Once I finish copying the file to his computer. I can use my CD/DVD burning software like Nero 9 to erase the disk and reuse it again.

I also find using CD-RW disks are great for listening to MP3s on a CD Player that can play CD-RW disks with MP3s in them like my Philips MP3 CD player, or burning CDs on a CD-RW to play on my regular CD player which can read cd-rw disks.

I also get bored with songs a lot, so I tend to stop listening to them, so I can just erase my CD-RW disc and write new songs to them. The same goes for videos. I get bored of videos, so I just erase the DVD-RW disc to record video to play on my DVD player  or Xbox 360 connected to my TV. DVD-RW and CD-RW disks saved me a lot of cash since  I don't have to constantly use another one time use CD-R or DVD-R disc

DVD-R and CD-R are better for backups since they are cheaper, but not good for recording temporary stuff like songs, movies,games, etc which you will only play a few times before you get bored. I also use CD-RW and DVD-RW to burn Linux CD images which I just need once to install the operating system on my computer.  I erased both my Maxell DVD+RW and Fuji CD-RW discs many times over the last 5 years and they still work great. I also helping the environment since I'm now using less Discs. It also save me time since I do not have to go to the computer store as much just to buy a pack of DVD-R or CD-R for burning files onto to share with friends.

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