July 23, 2010

USB LED light lamp for typing using PC in the dark!

Ever had a problem where you can see where you are going because the light from the Window is enough to see where I am going, but not enough to see the keyboard letters. I'm thinking about getting a Portable USB light which I can plug into an available USB computer port.

The extra light from the USB light will save make typing in the dark so much easy, and I don't have to walk over to the light switch on the wall. Plus, USB lamps look very neat!

 USB lamps are a great way to make your computer reflect your personality. It is less distracting for people who need extra light, but not turn on a lamp because someone is sleeping in the same room or in the seat next to you on a airplane, and you do not want to bother them by turning on your rooms light.

USB lamps typically use LED bulbs since they don't use a lot of power, so it should not drain your laptops battery very quickly, but have enough brightness to see your keyboard.

You can also turn down the brightness on your monitor and still see the keyboard since some people turn up the brightness to their monitor to see their keyboard by the light from the monitor to reflect on to the Keyboard's key letter. They are also are reasonable priced. I can pick one up for  14 dollars or less.

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