July 13, 2010

SD and MicroSD Memory Cards Best Flash Memory Card Format!

SD Flash Memory Card and MicroSD are my favorite memory cards for digital cameras, mp3 players, camcorders, computers, and any other consumer electronics which accept memory cards. SD Memory cards are portable, inexpensive, and reliable.

I have been using SD Flash Memory Cards of different brands and sizes for over 3 years on my consumer electronics since getting my first Digital Camera which accepted SD Flash memory cards for its main source for storing photos, and videos I taken.

I like that SD memory cards are so portable. They don't take up much space in my camera bag since they are so small and fit in a small plastic 50 cent SD card plastic box which I can carry inside my pocket.

 SD Flash memory cards so much is because they are inexpensive for most common storage sizes, and many company makes them.

I like Kingston which make very reliable USB flash drives, and other flash devices which I personally use on a daily basis.  $4.90 for a 2GB SD  Flash memory card is a great deal on Amazon.

I also use a 8GB Duracell SD Flash Memory Card for my digital camera which works great, and transfer files to my computer very fast. It only cost 22.99 at Amazon which is a fair price since 8GB can hold a lot of high resolution 10 Mega pixel photos on my digital camera and the speed of the card is fast.

I also use MicroSD flash memory card for smaller devices like Cellphones, mp3 players, and video players. I also have very great experiences with MicroSD cards.

I been using both my Duracell and Kingston SD card  still works great after many years of use. I haven't gotten a corrupted picture and file while storing my files on my SD cards. Flash memory does not have any moving parts, so they don't break very often ;however, they do have a limited amount of writes until they go bad. But, the amount of writes is very high, so you probably replace your sd flash card for a bigger one before you reach the write limit.  As long as you regularly, backup your files on a SD card, you should be fine.

If you own a older computer, I recommend you buy an inexpensive USB 2.0 Memory Card reader for your computer since you need one to read SD and MicroSD cards on your computer and carry it around and use it on other people's computer. They are very cheap and easy to use. You can also use them as storage devices like a USB flash drive. I like using a SD card reader and SD card combination instead of USB flash drive because it is less likely for me to loss my data since if the USB plug snaps off, I can take out the SD memory card and put it in another SD flash  memory card reader to copy my files.

I don't recommend you constantly delete or format files on your SD card or any "flash/solid state memory" unless it is totally full, and you need the space or want to delete "embarrassing photos or videos" since you will be using up your SD card write cycles if you do. Also, you should never defrag your SD card since you'll just be shortening the life span of your drive.

It is also a good idea to store your SD cards in a cool, and dry location away from moisture and sunlight.

Portability, value, and durability are the main reason I use SD and MicroSD flash memory cards for my electronics like digital camera.

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