July 30, 2010

What are External hard drive Enclosures, how can I use one?

An External hard drive Enclosuresis the case for making an external hard drive by connecting a SATA hard drive or IDE Hard drive to the external hard drive enclosure's power cable, and data cable.

You can use a old IDE hard drive you already own or buy a new one to put in your new External Hard drive Enclosure. This can save you money since you only pay 30 dollars or less for an external enclosure, and use your old hard drive which is not being used for anything in the enclosures. You would not have to spend 60 dollars or more for a 500GB external hard drive since you can use your old 500GB hard drive and put it into your external hard drive enclosure, and use it as a regular USB 2.0 or eSata external drive depending on the make and model of your external device.

External Hard drives are both available for laptop size hard drives which are 2.5 inches, and desktop hard drives which are 3.5 inches.

If you choose to buy a new hard drive, it will also make warranties less complicated since many hard drives these days come with 3-5 year warranties, so if your hard drive breaks you ask for a new hard drive from the hard drive company. However, if your external drive enclosure breaks, you ask for a new one from your external drive enclosure maker.
Taking out your hard drive from your external hard drive enclosure is also a lot easier in some cases then taking out your hard drive from a external hard drive you bought from the store.

A major reason for wanting to take your hard drive out of an external enclosure is because your enclosure breaks, or you need an extra hard drive for your desktop computer because your desktop computer hard drive died.

By buying an external hard drive enclosure, you can save money, time, and frustrations when you need to take your drive out if the enclosure breaks which can happen. Plus, external enclosure for hard drive usually look cooler then average external hard drives which you bought from big name electronics store.

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