July 8, 2010

Speed up Farmville Facebook Flash Game in Windows + Tips for leveling your farmer!

Farmville and other flash browser games can be very slow when I played it in Internet Explorer 8 and Avant Browser. I came to the conclusion most web browser games run badly in Internet Explorer if your computer does not have a lot of RAM like mine. I'm running Windows 7 with only 1 GB of RAM, on-board graphics card, and 1.8 GHz Intel Dual Core CPU. Whenever I run Farmville. Internet Explorer and browsers which uses the IE8 browser like Avant Browser uses almost 99% of my RAM according to Task Manager which make Farmville run ridiculously slow. I'm also running Antivir by Avira, and using the default firewall for Windows 7, so my antivirus and firewall is not slowing down my computer.

I decided to make the switch to Google Chrome to play Farmville, and now Farmville runs more smoothly on mt slower computer. My computer no longer lags when harvesting my crops, plowing my land, planting seeds, and harvesting my animals and fruit trees.  I tried Firefox, and Opera as well, but the latest version of Google Chrome runs Farmville best on my computer . Also, Opera scroll zoom function did not work in Farmville for my computer. Scroll Zoom is when I use my scroll wheel on my mouse to zoom in or out of Farmville display.

If you play Farmville at work, and don't have Google Chrome on your work computer, you can try the tips I listed below as well. Plus, I also talk about tips on gaining more experience and money in Farmville.

Close Browser tabs which you are not using anymore since Browser tabs sometimes use a lot of RAM.

Restarting your browser also might help at making your web browser faster while playing Farmville.

You can also try restarting your computer for improve Farmville speed.

I also close all the programs which I am not using like Word processors, media players, paint tools, Instant Messenger, e-mail programs, other web browsers like Firefox, IE, etc to save on RAM and CPU resources. Also, using system utilities to tweak, fix errors, and problems in Windows can help.

I also use Game Booster to speed up my computer by disabling unwanted/unneeded services and processes while I am online. It is also worth your time to scan your PC for viruses, spyware, and malware since they can slow down your PC. Plus, make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave player for the best flash gaming performance.


If you have a really slow computer, you see an performance increase in your games by installing a new video card, faster CPU and more RAM. But, upgrading your Videocard, CPU, and RAM can be hard since it is not "one size fit" all like USB.

If you use Windows Vista, you see a increase in performance if you downgrade to Windows XP or Windows 7. Linux Operating Systems like Ubuntu also use less RAM then Vista, but are harder to use.

I read a tip online that putting away or selling some of your animals might also speed up Farmville, but I think this should only be done as a last resort since Animals help level your farmer faster, look nice and they are cool to have!

Tips on leveling up in Farmville Faster!

1.If Farmville is running fine for you, but you want to advance in the game faster harvest, plant, and plow your land faster, you need to save up your Farmville coins to buy tractors, harvester, biplane and seeder machines. I also recommend having a lot of neighbors in Farmville since they can fertilize your crops, send you hard to get items, unwither your crops, and you gain experience and more coins by helping them.

2.Don't spend all your Farmville coins on houses and decorations since Tractors, seeders, harvesters, Biplane, seeds, trees, and animals will make you earn more cash and level up your Farmer and farm in the long run. You can also sell your gifts which your friends give you for more Farmville coins. I don't recommend selling your fuel, plants, or animals since you can use them to level up your character.

3.Also, buying more land, so you can plant more seeds, and raise more animals will also help you reach a higher level.

4.I also find Squash and Wheat are the best vegetables to grow to gain experience fast in Farmville. Plus, having a lot of fruit trees, and animals on your land since you gain experience from harvesting them.

5.I also read if you use hay blocks/bales to surround your character, you can harvest your crops faster since your farmer does not have to walk to the location to harvest, plow, fertilize, or plant crops and animals.

6. Remember to login to your Farm regularly to harvest your crops, so they do not wither.

7. You can also sign up for E-mail alerts in Farmville for Free fuel and alerts when friends send you gifts, fertilize your crops, or your crops are ready to harvest.

8. Harvest your crops immediately, so you can plow your land, and plant new crops.

9. Harvest your animals immediately, so you can harvest them again in a few days.

10. Make sure when plowing your land, you use as much land as you can, so you won't be wasting space and have a higher harvest yield in the long run. You can always use the recycle tool to get rid of badly plowed land, and re-plow your land to use the maximum space available for your land.

11. Never trade your Farmville cash for coins since it is a lot harder to earn cash then coins which you will have a lot of once you actively play the game.

12. You can use real money from your Paypal or credit card account to buy Farmville money which will make it a lot easier to level up faster, but more expensive.

Happy farming in Farmville!

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