July 23, 2010

Portable Speakers for Rocking great sound for laptops and portable devices!

Many speakers which are built-in to portable devices like Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Laptops, MP3 players have poor quality sound which is not loud enough or sound tinny compared to regular stereo speakers or your desktop computer speakers.

Most portable devices have an 3.5mm audio port for letting you plug in 3.5mm headphones, but you can also use the same 3.5 mm audio plug to plug in a pair of  portable speakers which is great for playing music at the park, or at home.

Almost all portable speakers are plug and play which means all you have to do is plug the audio plug into the headphone jack and you can start listening to your favourite music when you turn on the speakers and increase the volume on the volume knob/buttons.
However, you can use the same port to plug in a pair of portable speakers which will give you better sound when you are at home.

You can also use your computer speakers which came with your computer since most computer speakers also use the 3.5mm audio plug format. But, bundled computer speakers quality might not be very good since a lot of computers come bundled with speakers which have poor sound quality in my experience.

When buying portable speakers for your laptop, I recommend buying ones which are powered by AC Wall outlet power, or battery powered speakers. Self-powered speakers which require no power adapter or batteries, and are powered by your laptop audio port usually are not loud enough.

If you work in a home office, I recommend getting a speaker system with a sub woofer to hear more sound ranges like bass, treble,and  lows which a sub woofer reproduces very well. Plus, a sub woofer is multi-directional, so you can hear it even if it is on the floor or behind your laptop, so it does not take up a lot of usable desk space.

I recommend Logitech speakers since I been using Logitech speakers for my computer for many years, and they sound great. They has good base and volume. They are also fairly priced from 10 dollars and up if you buy them from Amazon or online.

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