July 22, 2010

JVC Gumy Ear Phones sound Gumilicous Nice!

I been using the same pair of JVC Gumy Ear Phones for many years. The sound quality is pretty good for a 10 dollar pair of ear phones. The sound is not distorted when the volume is turned up like some head phones and speakers I owned in the past. The Base on these inexpensive headphones are pretty good.
I also like how long the headphone wires are which is 3.9 ft.

Technical details

  • sensitivity: 109 db/mw
  • l-shape gold-plated plug
  • max input capability: 30 mw
  • weight: .19 oz; blue

JVC Gumy Head phones are great headphones if you are looking for a cheap pair of head phones to replace your broken or poor sound quality ear phones for your MP3 Player, Laptop, and other portable device which uses 3.5mm headphones. like portable DVD players.

The JVC gumy ear phones are also very comfortable, and they are not very heavy compared to hard plastic or metal ear phones since they are made from a light Gumy like material.

I notice the Gumy material the ear phones are made to mold into to your ear, so they do not fall out of your ear very easily, and outside sound does not get into your ear during music playback on medium to high volume settings.

I love how these Ear buds come in so many colors like Blue, Black, Pink, Green, and more colors.

All this audio goodness just for 10 dollars  on Amazon.com is a great deal for someone who is looking for good sound quality from their ear phones, but they are on a budget!

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