July 28, 2010

Fantom external USB hard drive, Pretty good for the price!

Fantom is a discount brand of External USB and External SATA (eSATA) hard drive manufacturer. I been used a Fantom external USB 2.0 Hard drive for over 4 years untill the USB circuit board died, but the IDE hard drive is still running fine. The IDE hard drive ,which I remove from the Fantom external hard drive case, is now being used inside one of my desktop computers and its still running good. The file transfer speeds for Fantom hard drives are not the fastest, but for the price the performance is decent.

The older Fantom external drives had drivers for Windows 98 which help me transfer all my 50GB or so of files from my Windows 98 computer to my Windows Vista computer back in 2008, so I did not have to burn hundreds of CDs, or configure a complicated file sharing network just to copy files from a Windows 98 PC to a Windows Vista PC. My Fantom drive I own also did not require special software/drivers for it to be recognize with Windows Vista, or Linux operating systems. It was recognized by Windows and Linux automatically.

My Fantom External hard drive also worked with Transferring files to a Linux operating system like Knoppix without the need of special drivers or software.
It only cost about $100 back then for 200GB, but now you can get a 1TB (1000GB) Fantom External drive for $79.99 with USB 2.0 and the faster eSATA which comes in a sleek metal case which is good at passively cooling your drive. Fantom is a good budget brand of external hard drive if you find brands like Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, etc too expensive, or if you have poor experiences with other external hard drive brands.

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