July 25, 2010

Verbatim DVD-R Best 4.7GB DVD I Used for burning backups and movies!

I been only using Verbatim DVD-R for almost 3 years as my main DVD-R disc brand. I have very few problems with Verbatim's DVD-R. I have very few bad burning experiences out of 30 DVDs I burned only 2 DVD-R were unreadable by my computer due to burn errors, but almost every pack of burnable DVDs have a few bad disk. Each disk can burn a maximum of 4.7 GB like most DVD-R on the market.  I mainly use these Verbatim's DVD-R for backing up my files on my computer, and they worked great. You can burn them at 16x or slower with a DVD burning program like Nero 9. I also burned a few video DVDs with Windows DVD Maker which is a free DVD maker which comes with Windows Vista and 7 using Verbatim branded DVD-R disks. The DVD-R played great on my DVD player and Sony Playstation 2 DVD player.
Their also reasonably price if you buy the spindle pack which cost only 19.99 US Dollars for 100 DVD-R which is a great deal since one pack should last you a long time if you just used it for backing up your files and burning a few family movies for relatives. I recommend buying DVD wallets or DVD boxes for storing your DVDs you burn.

If you are on a very tight budget, you can use paper sleeves, but they offer very little protection for your DVDs from water, bending, scratches, sun light, and heat.

For the price, performance, and durability of Verbatim 4.7 GB DVD-R disc they are worth the cash compared to other DVD-R brands.

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