July 14, 2010

Duracell 4GB USB Flash Drive Reliable and Quick drive for a small price!

I been using my Duracell 4GB  USB 2.0 flash drive for 2+ years which I got for 10 dollars at a retail store. My Duracell 4GB flash drive has never failed me once when it comes to storing, backing up, and transferring files to another computer. Plus, it looks really cool because of its rectangular oval shape and the little key chain on it!

The drive works on my Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Linux computers.

The drive also looks nice and is very well built. I like the oval rectangular shape of Duracell's USB Flash drive. It fits very well in my hand and my pocket unlike most square rectangular flash drives. The flash drive plastic also has a nice leathery soft  rubber mat texture to the flash drive which feels nicer then most shiny hard plastic flash drive which looks like it was made by the same company which makes those plastic toys in kid's meals at a fast food restaurant. There is also a small key chain loop, so you can attach the flash drive to a lanyard, necklace, cellphone charms, bracelet or your keys easily.

I been using this flash drive for over 2 years, and I notice it is not all scratched up like other flash drives I own in the past. The USB drives cap still is tight and hardly falls off because it is not loose like other USB flash drives I owned.

4GB of space on my USB Duracell Flash Drive is enough  for carrying around my homework, a few large movies, lots of photos, and Mp3s as well.

My favorite feature of my Duracell USB 2.0 USB  4GB flash drive is it's read speed is 18.5 MB/s and write speed is about 10 MB/s which is pretty good for a flash drive which only cost me 10 dollars. I highly recommend you get a Duracell 4GB USB flash drive. It is even fast enough for Windows Vista and 7 Ready boost for USB Flash storage devices to speed up your PC. I also sometimes use my Duracell USB Flash drive to make a bootable USB live Flash drive to quickly boot into a live Linux operating system like Ubuntu 10.04 on my HP PC or Laptop which is a lot faster then a CD.

If you are someone who loses your USB Flash drive caps a lot, I recommend a Duracell  4GB Capless USB Flash drive It cost slightly more on Amazon, but you won't risk losing your cap for your flash drive.

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