July 20, 2010

Keep Laptop Cool with your Laptop Cooler USB Fan Pad

You want to stay cool in your Pad while using your laptop surfing the internet for cool sites. But, your laptop is really heating things up, but not in a good way. It is making your hands hot, or your lap burn. This is when a USB Laptop cooling pad comes in handy for keeping things cool.

A USB Laptop cooling Pad is basically a plastic or metal board with one or more fans at the bottom which blows air to the bottom of your laptop which sits over the laptop.  Laptop cooling Pads get it's power from your Laptop's USB port.

Most Modern Laptops these days tend to slow down the CPU, and video card when the laptop gets close to overheating, so a USB Laptop Cooling pad can improve your performance of your laptop by preventing your computer from over heating, so your laptop does not have to slow down the CPU and video card to prevent over heating.

By having your laptop stay at a cool temperature with a USB laptop cooling fan pad, your laptop will last longer since the internal parts and wires won't melt or get heat damaged as easily.

Another advantage of having a cooling pad is that it raises your laptop 1 inch off the table, so if you spill water on the table and "not your keyboard or LCD monitor", the water won't flood into the laptops vents, USB, ports or bottom vents. You Would not water soaking into your memory, hard drive, motherboard via the bottom vents if you spilled water on the table, but you reduce the chance of getting water in if your notebook is higher then the table sort of like islands in the middle of the ocean. The Island is higher then the ocean, so every thing on it is dry unless it rains. Having your laptop elevated, reduces the laptop sucking up as much dust on your dusty table since it is not sitting directly under the table.

$20-30 dollars for a USB laptop cooler is a good cheap way to make your $300-1000+ laptop last longer by staying cooler, and your knees and hands won't be as hot from using your laptop since the bottom of your laptop is not directly touching your knees if you are wearing shorts or a skirt while using your laptop on a hot summer day.

The best thing about a laptop cooling pad is it prevents you from putting your laptop directly over a soft surface like a pillow which can cause over heating due to your laptop having it's air vents covered by the soft pillow which makes it very hard for hot air to escape from your laptop via is's cooling air vents.

I also find the cooling fans make the work environment less hot since it moves the air around my desk, so the hot air moves away from my fingers.

I also notice my laptop fan not spinning as fast, so in the long term. I won't have to dismantle and clean my air vents for my Laptop as much since they are not as sucking as much dirty air into my laptop since laptops only spin their fans faster when its hot to prevent over heating by blowing more air into the laptop to move out the hot air and replace it with cool air. By using a laptop cooling pad, it can also make your laptop fans last longer since the bearings and motors for your laptop fans won't be spinning as fast.

Replacing a 20 dollar USB laptop cooler pad is a lot cheaper then hiring someone to clean and replace your laptop fans or overheated/melted laptop motherboard.

I been using the Targus  USB Laptop Chill Pad fan it works great for a 25 dollar cooling fan. It is powered by USB and it blows a good amount of air. Plus, it is not very loud compared to my laptop fan or desktop computer fan. I been using it for about 2 years and I never had a problem with it. The ON/OFF switch is easy to use, and it is easy to carry around since it is very light and portable.

It also makes my laptop not as loud since it cools my laptop, so my internal laptop cooling fan can spin at a lower speed which make the fan whine less. Since the Targus uses bigger fans which spin at a lower speed, but still push a lot of air to cool my laptop, my work environment is more quiet.

The Targus laptop cooler also has rubber feet to prop up your laptop and cooling ridges so the air moves better. This is good since even if the pad is not on, it still have some cooling effects by giving your laptop bottom more cooling space vs having it sit on a flat table. The rubber feet  and air flow ridges at the bottom also make your laptop cool faster when your laptop is OFF which can make your laptop last longer since cooler electronics typically last longer then very hot electronics.

The cooling pad also has rubber feet on the bottom, so when a laptop is on top of the USB cooling pad it won't slide off the table unless you intentionally use a lot of force to knock your laptop off the table for some crazy reason.

It fits easily in my laptop bag for my HP laptop which can get very hot without the cooling pad. The lightness, portability, effectiveness, ease of use, value for the dollar,  and durability is why I recommend the Targus Laptop Chill Pad the perfect USB laptop for laptops. It also looks very nice with its silver color like a fancy European sports car .

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